My Story

Podcasts saved my life.

In 2015, I was in my 2nd year of university. Stressed out and lost, I didn’t really have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. A combination of injuries that ended my aspirations to pursue a career in professional football, inactivity, partying and binge drinking left me floating in a dark place. This led to me piling on an extreme amount of fat and weight up to a point where I vividly remember clocking in on the scale at 308lbs. On paper, I was doing fine: earning my honours bachelor of commerce degree, holding down 2 part-time jobs, being involved in numerous university clubs, meeting tons of interesting people; but I was doing all this with a deeply flawed mindset and philosophy towards life - something was really missing.

I was a victim of my own choices. Deep down, I knew what I had to do to get back up from this low-point, but I would always be waiting for just the right moment: “Ah, just let me start after this exam,” or “Let me just eat like shit on this trip, and start dieting after I get back,” or the worst one, “You know what? I’ll just start on Monday…” You see these were all just bullshit excuses I would feed myself that compounded into further inaction and depression.

It was time to have an uncomfortable conversation with myself that it seemed like nobody was willing to have with me. Did I want to continue living life like this? Will I even live if I continue with such negative behaviors? Will I ever be the successful man I strive to become? Will I just be another average fat fuck who’s out of breath after a flight of stairs? That prospect scared the shit out of me.

So I decided to do something about it. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that there was one particular “a-ha!” lightbulb moment where I decided to get my shit together (that happened like five times a day), but something that really did change my life was my discovery of the world of podcasts. Honestly, I didn’t know too much about podcasts at the time - I was really just trying to make my days at work and commute there and back a little more interesting.

You see, up until this point, I had been programmed to ‘learn’ by sitting in a classroom environment, memorizing information, and regurgitating that information onto an exam all to just forget it the second that exam is done. Podcasts unlocked a whole new outlook on learning for me that put me in the driver's seat of my own information diet. I was learning tons of interesting tidbits of information from experts ranging from ex-NAVY Seal’s on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to personal finance hacks on ‘MOSTLY MONEY with Preet Banerjee,’random useless sports facts from Bill Burr’s ‘Monday Morning Podcast,’ learning about mental models on Farnham Street’s ‘The Knowledge Project Podcast’ and even diving deep into true crime podcasts such as ‘SERIAL.’

The point is, there is something for everybody in podcasts. I was able to follow my intellectual curiosity to learn from these experts and dive deeper into their lessons on my own time, leading me to make serious changes in my own mindset. This resulted in positive feedback loops that transformed my mindfulness,  fitness, nutrition, and sleep habits to become a much better version of myself. Today, I am a healthier 230lbs (I’ve always been a naturally big dude), I have a much healthier attitude towards food and alcohol, I enjoy travelling and meditation, and I have a constant desire to learn and grow more as a person. I’m not saying, I’ve got it all figured out or that I’ve reached the end of my journey - actually, I feel like I’m just getting started.

This is why I’ve started my own podcast. I’m not an expert in any topic by any means, but I know a lot of people who are and I genuinely think you can learn something from everybody. I’m not limiting myself to one particular topic with this podcast - my only goal is to have genuine conversations with people that might serve to give someone else out there a push they might need to get their own sh*t together.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and letting me be a part of yours.

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