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Episode 64 - Tony Greco


Episode 63 - Jamey Lee


This week, I chat again with my brother Jamey Lee. Jamey is a world traveller, adventure TikTok'er, videographer and since our last podcast episode together has also become my business partner, room mate and one of my closest friends.

On this episode we catch up on what an insane journey it's been this past year. We dive into some of the lessons we've learned by meshing our skillsets together, and some of the in's and outs of that platforms we're building together.

See, if you're not aware, Jamey and I co-founded one of the sponsors of this show, Deep Social Brands, a personal branding agency aimed at blowing up pro athletes, micro-influencers and brands on social media without spending a dime on ads.

How do we do this? We leverage organic growth on apps like TikTok and LinkedIn leaving our clients with millions of views that translate into business value. Head over to to see some of our results! I guarantee you guys are in for a treat with this episode, but right before that, a quick word on some of the shows other sponsors.

This podcast is also sponsored by Deep Drip Coffee. This is a personal passion project of mine as I have always wanted to have a physical product that can help me connect with other creators and outstanding people - and what better product to do that than coffee, where so many incredible conversations begin. Deep Drip is some of the best coffee you'll ever try and I'm not just saying that: try it for yourself @ and use code word DEEP10 for 10% off any bag!

And finally, I'm happy to announce a new sponsor the It's Not That Deep Podcast: Brain.FM, an app that curates functional music, scientifically proven to help you focus better, sleep better, meditate, and get in 'the zone.' Look, I don't normally take on sponsors that are not my own products or services, but is a rare exception because of the fact that I genuinely use the app every day. If you're looking to unlock a better version of yourself, head over to or just use my coupon code DEEP20 to save 20% off your subscription.

Enjoy this episode and just remember, It's Not That Deep


Instagram: @jameslifee

Episode 62 - Patrice Rene

In this episode, I chat with Patrice Rene a defensive back who was at one point ranked #1 football player in Canada. In fact, he was recently drafted to the CFL 21st overall by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and someone who had decided to return to the NCAA to play out his last year of Eligibility with the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights.

But that's not all, Patrice is also one of the co-founders and brand ambassador of Sportsmxn, a company that helps branding local elite athletes so they can focus on what they do best.

In this episode, Patrice and I chat about his journey making the jump to the US to play football and all the support and help he had making that happen, we talk about the lowest of lows rebuilding after a devastating ACL tear injury, as well as the transferrable skills and identity that football has taught him.

This is one of my favourite podcasts because football is a sport I am truly passionate about myself. I think you're going to really enjoy this episode whether you're an athlete or not because of everything that the sport has taught him outside of the sport


Episode 61 - Brandon Peacock

Today's guest is Brandon Peacock: a friend of mine who has one of the most insane personal stories I've ever heard.

Brandon was the victim of a nearly fatal drive-by shooting in June of 2020, suffering 3 gun-shot wounds, 1 in his shoulder that just missed his lungs and broke many of his ribs, one in his left leg and a third time in his femoral artery in his right leg. Brandon was, of course, not the intended target but was truly in one of those "wrong place, wrong time" situations.

But you see, Brandon does NOT see himself as a victim. I won't get into all the details in these show-notes, as you'll have to listen to the podcast to hear more but on a high-level Brandon has one of the most INSANE recovery stories I've ever heard of.

His mindset coupled with his world-class support system and determination to help others has led to him creating a nonprofit called Hit The Ground Running, a not-for-profit dedicated to creating an environment where victims of trauma can overcome their unique barriers to recovery and live healthy and prosperous lives.

And the craziest part of this all? Just over a year after the incident, Brandon is training to run his first marathon, which he will be completing shortly after the release of this episode. 42 kilometers from someone who wasn't supposed to be alive, let alone walk or run.

Episode 60 - Danny Miranda

This week, I chat with Danny Miranda. Danny is a writer, podcaster, connector, and life-long learner who I really look up to. Honestly, he's my favourite follow on Twitter as he exudes absolute positive and hope in every single one of his tweets, ideas and interactions.

Seriously, I've never heard the dude complain, be negative or put anyone down and his platform emobidies that. Danny started one of my favourite podcasts, The Danny Miranda Podcast and has now surpassed well over 100 episodes. His podcast consists of thought provoking conversations taking a journey through the minds of the world's top performers, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, and Kamal Ravikant just to name a few.

I look up to how Danny lives his live with absolute gratitude - he meditates for a minimum of 30 minutes every morning, trains his body and his mind, and manifests incredible experiences. But my favourite thing about this dude? He follows his natural curiosity.

This podcast is sponsored by Deep Social Brands, a digital marketing agency I co-founded which focuses on personal branding for pro athletes, businesses and influencers. Deep Social Brands leverages organic growth on apps like TikTok and Instagram leaving our clients with millions of views that translate into business value. Head over to to learn more.

This podcast is also sponsored by Deep Drip Coffee. This is a personal passion project of mine as I have always wanted to have a physical product that can help me connect with other creators and outstanding people - and what better product to do that than coffee, where so many incredible conversations begin. Deep Drip is some of the best coffee you'll ever try and I'm not just saying that: try it for yourself @ and use code word DEEP10 for 10% off any bag!

Enjoy this episode and just remember, It's Not That Deep



Episode 59 - Dan Clark

Welcome to the it's Not That Deep Podcast, I'm your host Deepak Sharma and my mission is to make the best of the 1 life I have by realizing my potential. That's why I have conversations with high-performers from all walks of life to level up my health, wealth, and happiness. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

This week, I chat with Dan Clark, CEO of Brain FM, an app that curates functional music, scientifically proven to help you focus better, sleep better, meditate, and get in 'the zone.' You know what I'm talking about, that 'zone' when you're looking to get some deep work done, or get into some creative work and you can't necessarily have your favourite songs with lyrics playing... Well that's exactly what is: this app generates music designed to stimulate parts of your brain that help you focus, but don't require your full attention.

I'm really excited about this episode because I genuinely use every single day of my life. This is not an exaggeration. I use the app to get into focused flow states and bust out work, I use it every night as white noise and I can tell you straight up from my experience, I wake up more well-rested and happier when I'm using this app.

At this point it might sound like I'm sponsored by brain FM and am affiliated with them, and as cool as that would be - I really just love the app that much. And so does Dan, the CEO of the company who I'm talking with today. In fact, after Dan tried himself, he wrote the company nonstop and believed in the product SO much that he offered to work for free. 2 years later he became the CEO. You won't want to miss this podcast if you care about self-development, meditation, life optimization and high performance.

This podcast is sponsored by Deep Social Brands, digital marketing agency I co-founded which is focused on blowing our clients up on social media without spending a dime on Ads. Deep Social Brands leverages organic growth on apps like TikTok and Instagram leaving clients with millions of views that translate into business value. Head over to to learn more.

This podcast is also sponsored by Deep Drip Coffee. This is a personal passion project of mine as I have always wanted to have a physical product that can help me connect with other creators and outstanding people - and what better product to do that than coffee, where so many incredible conversations begin. Deep Drip is some of the best coffee you'll ever try and I'm not just saying that: try it for yourself @ and use code word DEEP10 for 10% off any bag!

Enjoy this episode with Dan Clark and just remember, It's Not That Deep!




Episode 58 - Trill AC

This week, I chat with Anthony Cockrell, founder & co-host of Krew Season, a Youtube channel, Podcast and brand. Anthony has appeared on ESPN, TMZ, Reddit, Worldstar, but is most well-known for his consistent presence on Twitter @TheTrillAC.

What started on Twitter evolved as Anthony & some of his closest homies got together to build Krew Season up on Youtube, where they have real and open conversations about relationships, dating, pop culture, social issues and everything in-between. So it's really no surprise that when they launched The Krew Season podcast, it soared to the top 50 relationships podcasts in America, and I believe this is really just the beginning.

In this episode, we talk about scratching that itch to find your creative outlet, the importance of starting and adapting over trying to be perfect, maintaining a 9-5 job while building your own business, as well as how to juggle family & obligations with multiple ventures.

I really enjoy the vibe and energy Anthony and his co-hosts put out on their show, so make sure to give them a follow.

Episode 57 - Chris Lacharity

This week, I chat with my friend Chris LaCharity, Ottawa's #1 Luxury Real Estate agent. Chris has built an extremely successful career through his ability to develop strong relationships, provide exceptional client service, and also close multimillion dollar deals.

Don't believe me? Check out his website to see the 7 figure listings he's got. That being said, this episode isn't actually about badass real estate. Although Chris lives a lifestyle of work hard-play hard, by the end of this podcast you'll get to know that Chris is honestly a super humble guy who prioritizes his health, relationships, well-being as well as mindfulness. These are all topics he outlines in his book 7 Figures to Success.

Link to his book:

In this episode we dive in on how he got to where he is today and some of the challenges he's faced along the way. We chat about his career in sales and his love for cars, but then we get into deeper talks about the ego, about what really matters, and the legacy that he'd like to leave behind.

Today's episode is sponsored by TG Athletics. A new chapter in celebrity personal trainer Tony Greco's life has led him to start a new high-performance fitness brand for the athlete in all of us. He's got some amazing programs that will help you stay lean during quarantine and much more coming down the pipeline. Head over to and use the code word DEEP for 20% off all online programs at checkout.

It's Not That Deep Podcast is produced by my media and marketing agency, Deep Digital Media. We specialize in all things content creation and podcasts for personal brands and businesses. In fact, we actually built the website and courses for TG Athletics that I was mentioning before. If you want to see if we'd be a good fit to work together, shoot me a DM on Instagram or send me an email at

Episode 56 - James Rankin

This week, I chat with my friend James Rankin. James is a 20-year old serial entrepreneur and YouTuber who is one of the most passionate hustlers I’ve ever met.

After dropping out of college at 18, James went full-tilt into building the life of his dreams by listening to his gut and starting his own coffee company, North Brew. What started off as a strictly e-commerce business, James has now gotten into 20+ stores and aims to grow and expand MUCH further.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, James recently launched ANOTHER business, Maple Tea Company. When he’s not busy doing all that, you can find James documenting his journey on his YouTube channel or delivering motivating entrepreneurship speeches to local high schools and universities, In this episode, we chat about his amazing story, the importance of sales, having a resilient mindset, public speaking and much more. I’m genuinely inspired by this dude’s hustle and I’m sure you will be too.

It's Not That Deep Podcast is produced by my media and marketing agency, Deep Digital Media. We specialize in all things content creation and podcasts for personal brands and businesses. I'm also opening 2 slots up this month for Podcast Coaching so if you need any help starting, managing or growing your own show - hit me up.

The easiest way to find me is by shooting me a DM on instagram or by email at If that's not enough, go creep my website


Enjoy today's episode and just remember, It's Not That Deep!

Episode 55 - Laura Kelly

This week, I chat with someone who makes me feel SUPER LAZY, Laura Kelly. Laura is a professional wedding & engagement photographer, a business coach, a copywriting & messaging pro, as well as the host of the “You Might Not Like It” Podcast. But that’s not all - Laura’s also the mother of 2 kinder-gardeners!

Laura is extremely self-aware, as you’ll get to know. We get to talking about her journey, the role of identity, as well as her story of pivoting from the dream photography business she built to building yet ANOTHER successful dream business.

She broke down the 3 non-negotiable boxes that absolutely had to be checked for this new business which include:

1. It has to be location independent

2. She no longer wanted to miss out on weekends (she did her time) and;

3. It had to include her voice.

This manifested in starting her own podcast, developing a killer personal brand, and leaning in on her strengths. Laura has done an incredible job harmonizing her passions and strengths to build a fulfilling life that makes sense for her.

Check out everything she’s up to and

Episode 54 - Steve Cody

This week, I chat with serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Rückify, Steve Cody.  He has started and built over 15 local and national successful businesses in the tech, rental, service, e-commerce and retail markets which have generated hundreds of millions in sales!

For those who don’t know, Rückify is basically the Airbnb of STUFF. In more eloquent terms, it’s a peer-to-peer rental marketplace where you can put just about anything you have laying around your house up for rent. But what’s really amazing to me is the story about how Steve and his neighbour and fellow titan of business Bruce Linton, came up with the idea for this company.

In this podcast, we talk about his journey plus, some of the big challenges he’s faced, whether entrepreneurs are born or made,  and the foundational business principles that have helped him get to where he is today.

Episode 53 - Manuela Bárcenas

This week, I chat with my friend Manuela Bárcenas. Manuela is a content marketing manager at, a meeting productivity app where teams gather to build collaborative agendas, record decisions and keep each other accountable. Fellow actually was just awarded 2020’s Best Ottawa Business award!

From being the company’s first marketing hire to now managing all of their content, Manuela is clearly passionate about growing alongside this bustling start-up. Her role includes running all of their social media, their podcast, blog, newsletter and so much more.

In this episode we chat about her experience coming to Canada as an international student and falling in love with Ottawa along with everything it has to offer. We also geek out on personal growth, productivity, identity and mindset.

This is honestly one of my favourite episodes of the podcast because I felt like Manuela and I could have gone on for hours talking about levelling up. I really enjoy how she shows up on social media with tons of value, so make sure to go give her a follow @ManuelaBarcenas.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Tony Greco’s new online Health & Fitness Portal, TG.FITNESS. Tony is an elite celebrity personal trainer who trains the likes of Claude Giroux, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood, just to name a few. TG Fitness includes programs that hit on all pillars of overall health, which has kept me in shape during this lockdown. From home workouts to mindfulness, mobility & nutrition modules - you’ll find it all! Just head over to www.TG.Fitness and use the code word DEEP to get 20% off at checkout.

Today’s episode is also brought to you by Deep Digital Media. This is my media and marketing company that specializes in content creation. In fact, we built the whole TG Fitness platform and programs that I was just talking about before! We shoot, edit, produce & promote all kinds of content for your business or brand such as courses, video series’, digital ads & of course podcasts.


Episode 52 - Ryan & Ben

This week, I’m joined on the podcast with 2 business coaches/mentors of mine Ryan & Ben, who are co-owners of The Consulting Guys and Affluent Attraction. They help financial service businesses attract high net worth clients through automated marketing systems & organic marketing.

What they’re more well-known for in the twitter world and otherwise is for their business coaching groups, the Church of Clientology and the one I am part of called the Client Acquisition Immersion Program or CAIP.

I credit being a part of this program for a lot of mindset shifts that I’ve experienced this past year in regards to starting and growing my own business, my relationship with money, learning about sales, systems & much more.

Ryan & Ben are always providing an insane amount of value, even in their free groups - with live zoom calls, course modules, AMA’s with experts, accountability challenges & more. Now, I’m not saying joining groups like this is the only way to start and grow a successful business, far from it actually. But, if you’re looking to build an actual business and not just be a freelancer or have a side hustle, coaching and mentorship are a great route to explore.

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing other like-minded entrepreneurs go from struggling to define what their services or target market are to posting screenshots of closing massive 5-6 figure deals through some of the things they’ve learned in the program.

In this episode, we talk about their journey, the power of mindset, sales, starting and scaling business and so much more. I encourage you to follow Ryan & Ben on social media; I've included the links below: 

Also don’t forget to subscribe to the It’s Not That Deep Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen and it would mean a lot to me if you left a rating and review.

Episode 51 - Jamey Lee

This week’s guest is Jamey Lee. Jamey is a videographer, content-creator, world-traveller & explorer, and as recently as this year, a huge TikTok influencer.

That’s right! Jamey merged his adventurous personality, passion for adventure and video skills to create a massive platform on TikTok with nearly 30,000 followers.

He makes incredible videos and clips featuring amazing landmarks such as waterfalls, trails, and beautiful scenery. For my Ottawa people specifically, he has done an incredible job showcasing the beauty around the national capital region.

But that’s not it - Jamey plans to travel to every single country in the world and spread his positive message of connecting communities. I really vibe with this guy and you will too. 

Make sure to shoot him a follow on instagram and Tiktok @JamesLifee and enjoy the episode! 

Episode 50 - Journey To Success - Branding Update

Too many brands, too many ideas... here's my attempt at consolidating all that into one

Episode 49 - Keval Shah

This week’s guest is Keval Shah, who is an expert on all things Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Keval is a true entrepreneur with a really interesting story. He went from building websites and blogs just for fun to learning everything he needed to know about SEO to start doing it for clients on the side.

After dropping out of college and working at what seemed like a great job at the time at an SEO Agency, Keval realized the 9-5 just was not for him and quit to create his own agency. He is now running an extremely successful business, bringing in well over 40,000 USD per month - what he was making in a year before!

We had an incredible podcast talking about SEO, mindset, investing in yourself, when to take the entrepreneurship leap, and so much more!

This is just the beginning for my friend Keval, so make sure to follow him on Twitter @SEOKeval to see for yourself.

Episode 46 - Nolan Beanlands

This week’s guest is Nolan Beanlands, Executive Director at Capital Angel Networks, a group of accredited angel investors in the Ottawa-Gatineau region that facilitate investment opportunities for startups. Capital Angel Networks has invested well over $20 million in over 100 early stage companies, many of which Nolan has worked with personally to help secure millions of dollars in funding and sales.

Nolan is extremely passionate about the Ottawa startup ecosystem and has extensive experience helping companies secure funding and mentorship. He also previously ran the Startup Garage at the University of Ottawa, the Founder Institute and iD Gatineau. 

We had an incredible conversation about entrepreneurship in Ottawa, what kind of startups are investable, what it takes to become an accredited investor, and some of the lessons he’s learned from some of the impressive companies he’s worked with.

My newest venture is a course on podcasting. I get questions all the time about what kind of equipment to buy, how to land better guests, how to grow/monetize a podcast….this will be the 1-stop-shop for that. Sign up at to reserve your spot.

If you enjoy my content, why not help me take this podcast to the next level? If you’re on an iPhone right now, leave me a 5 star rating and review in the Apple Podcasts app today! Every review counts.

Enjoy today’s episode and just remember, it’s not that deep!

Episode 45 - Lina Alvarez

This week’s guest is Lina Alvarez. Lina is one of the most interesting and talented people I’ve met as she fully embodies what it means to taste and try different things and pivot when necessary. She currently holds a position at Export Development Canada working in the Women Trade Advisory space.

But you see, that’s just one of her hustles. Lina's curiosity for the world of entrepreneurship led her to the health and wellness space and founding her own company “The Barre Jar", where she teaches a unique form of exercise called Barre and has grown a massive and engaged community. Her interest for all these different pursuits has now led to her obsession with the space of Design and Strategic Thinking, where she will be pursuing a masters degree this coming fall.

Episode 44 - Mark Metry

This week’s guest is Mark Metry, a dude who straight up makes me feel lazy. Mark went from dealing with severe social anxiety and reaching a dark point where he contemplated ending his life to overcoming that same social anxiety and writing a book called “Screw being Shy.” He also founded a company called VU dream, hosts a global top 100 podcast called Humans 2.0, is a global speaker, and is on an Amazon Prime DocUseries “The Social Movement.” 

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a podcast strategist, has his own LinkedIn consulting course, and has many projects in the works - and has accomplished all this at the age of 22! More important than all these titles though, Mark gives a voice to those who don’t have one. It was enlightening getting to chat with him about overcoming social anxiety and how it’s one of the deadliest mental health disorders. We also talked about the connection between your gut microbiome and how what you eat directly affects how you feel. Finally, we also discussed his podcasting journey and tips for people in the space.

I invite you to join me on this journey of levelling-up by heading over to my website to check out more content like this. 

This podcast is produced by Deep Digital Media. Our mission is to Create Captivating Content. Drop us a line today at for help building, managing, and promoting your own podcast, video series, online course, and so much more. @markmetry


Episode 43 - Charles Paquin

This week’s guest is Charles Paquin, CEO of Air Traffic Media. Not only is Charles an Advertising Strategist and Audio Creative Maestro, but he’s also a professional voice-over artist who has done work for some notable companies such as Telus, RBC, and Royal LePage. This is all really just the tip of the iceberg as Charles has had an insane journey to get to where he is today.

Growing up with a burning passion for audio and music, Charles joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a director of music / conductor, he then pivoted and became a pilot in the Canadian Air Force, and today holds a position at the Department of National Defence while also running his own advertising agency.

An expert in Marketing and Advertising Solutions, Charles founded Air Traffic Media on the idea that businesses should expand their digital marketing portfolio beyond Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads to include the heavily-underutilized medium of Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora ads.

Episode 42 - DJ Dramos

This week’s guest is DJ Dramos AKA Dramos, producer of one of the most popular Radio shows on the planet, The Breakfast Club (with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee). 

Dramos is a radio personality in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. He’s also a club DJ, Music producer, podcast host, and the owner of his own vintage clothing brand! In the episode, we talk about his journey to becoming the producer of one of the most successful and popular radio shows on the planet.

We get into his work ethic, what drives him, and what keeps him grounded. We also talk about the music industry, the racial injustice that’s taking place in the USA and worldwide.

Episode 41 - Ed Latimore

This week’s guest is Ed Latimore, a retired American heavyweight boxer, author, blogger, influencer, and veteran of the U.S. national guard. 

A prolific writer and bona fide Twitter god, @EdLatimore has been authentically growing his audience and following by sharing the stoic principles that have guided him along his self-improvement journey. Having studied physics and written two books: Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower and Sober Letters To My Drunken Self, Ed’s general theme of realizing his potential and becoming a better version of himself really stuck with me.

In the episode, we talk about the lessons he learned through his boxing career. We also dove into the role sobriety, discipline, and self-awareness played in creating the life of freedom and happiness that he experiences today.

Episode 40 - Andrew Tate

This week's guest is Andrew Tate, an American-british 4x world champion kickboxer, mixed-martial artist, influencer, chess-enthusiast and millionaire businessman.When Andrew is not busy driving exotic supercars and sleeping with supermodels around the world, he’s growing his brand online, starting and running multiple business ventures including cam companies and casinos, and selling self-improvement courses. 

Andrew is a controversial figure. As an avid conspiracy theorist, content-creator and commentator, a large % of people will not agree with his polarizing views. I’m going to come out and say that if you suffer from mental health issues this podcast episode may trigger you as we discuss some controversial views. Nevertheless, I learned a lot from Andrew’s perspective and I really enjoyed chatting with him about navigating his reputation on the internet.


IG: @cobratate 

Twitter: @OfWudan

Episode 39 - Jim Watson

This week's guest is the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson. Currently serving his third consecutive term as Mayor, Jim Watson has been leading Ottawa for over a decade. ⁣

He has an impressive resume having served as Ottawa City Councillor, Member of Provincial Parliament, CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commission, Minister of Consumer and Business Services, Minister of Health Promotion and much more!⁣

In the episode, we discuss how he is able to manage being such an active and public mayor and attending thousands of events in a year, why he believes Ottawa is the best City in Canada, the present and future outlook of Ottawa’s Infrastructure, and also what he likes to do to unwind!⁣



@cityofOttawa ⁣

 Episode 38 - Olivia Pascale

This week's guest is Olivia Pascale. Olivia is a model, actress, influencer, blogger, and also one half of the Whiskey and Water Podcast. ⁣

Despite all these titles though, Olivia is genuinely a great human. She’s extremely self-aware, driven to succeed, and also has a great sense of humour. ⁣

In this episode we talk “riding the influencer wave,” starting, managing & growing a podcast, her passion for real-estate, and so much more!⁣


@whiskeyandwaterpodcast ⁣

9 Takeaways from 90 Days Sober - Journey to Success #1

On the first episode of the Journey To Success series, I share 9 of my biggest takeaways from taking a 90 day break from drinking alcohol.⁣

I'm a big believer in being self-aware, examining your habits and challenging yourself to level-up even when it's something seemingly as simple as...not drinking.⁣⁣

Try it out, you might learn something!⁣

For more content like this, head over to⁣

Episode 37 - Bally Singh

This week I chat with Bally Singh - an International VIP Party Planner and Founder of the Rich List Group, a company that hosts some of the most high-profile events in the world. Bally’s company organizes luxury parties for celebrities such as F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton, as well as artists such as Nelly, The Weekend, Rick Ross, David Guetta, Tiesto, Pharell Williams, 50 Cent, Sting, The Game, Tyrese and the list goes on (seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg…)
Bally has had an INSANE journey in his life and has gone through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. In today’s episode we’ll talk about how he started off as a nightclub bouncer, became Trey Songz’ brand manager on tour, earned and lost 28 million dollars overnight, and built himself the successful life and family he cherishes today. 

Episode 36 - Kirsi Maharaj

This weeks guest is Kirsi Maharaj. After graduating from the Telfer School of Management with a Specialization in Human Resources, Kirsi’s career journey led to her becoming the Human Resources Business Partner at Invest Ottawa. 
If that wasn’t cool enough, Kirsi also won a Human Resources award, being named as Canada's Rising HR star. She is a mentor, the owner of her own condo, and is absolutely crushing it in all areas of life.
In this podcast, we talk a lot about Kirsi's passion for HR. We dive into her journey, wake-up calls, and taking extreme ownership of her own life choices. 
We discuss some real, practical strategies she used to overcome her quarter-life crisis as well as tips to stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream job.
I hope you enjoy the episode! Just remember, it’s not that deep!
Sponsored by: Podpak Solutions. This company will help you create, launch, edit, distribute and grow a podcast for your brand or business. Our mission is to take the pain out of podcasting, so you just have to hit record!

Episode 35 - Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

This week’s guest is Dr. Kwadwo, Kyeremanteng, an Intensive Care Unit and Palliative Care Physician as well as an associate scientist in the Clinical Epidemiology Program at the Ottawa Hospital. Kwadwo is also an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa and the Founder of the Resource Optimization Network, a multidisciplinary research group working to reduce health spending without compromising health care. 
Somehow, between all this Dr. Kyeremanteng also manages to host his own podcast called Solving Health Care which I STRONGLY URGE YOU to check out. On it, he discusses current issues facing the health care world with expert health care professionals. This has been my go-to source of all information related to the coronavirus pandemic.
During this episode, we talk about his journey, COVID-19 and the things we can do to help prevent the spread, as well as his personal mindset/diet/and fitness rituals.
Enjoy this episode and just remember, it’s not that deep!

Episode 34 - Fahd Alhattab

This week’s guest is award-winning, Canadian 20-under-20 Fahd Alhattab! Passionate about building community, Fahd launched numerous camps and initiatives for underprivileged children that've raised over $1.2 Million for local charities. No wonder he was awarded United Way’s Community Builder award.

Fahd is also a professional keynote speaker who has inspired over 50,000 people to become 'Unicorn Leaders' (who develop unstoppable teams that attract and retain top talent).
An entrepreneur at heart, Fahd founded Unicorn Labs, which leverages his expertise in the millennial workplace to teach managers how to lead multi-generational teams. He specializes in transformative leadership and team dynamics training for high-growth startups. 
Speaking of startups, Fahd is founder of a startup incubator called Hatch that launches, trains, and connects student-entrepreneurs with investors. 
If that all wasn’t enough, Fahd is a education reformist that trains university educators on how to include experiential learning and leadership development in their courses!

Episode 33 - Tevin Haye


This week’s guest is Tevin Haye. To say that Tevin is a shoe advocate, aficionado or sneaker head would be a gross understatement. He turned his passion for footwear into a full-fledged sneaker, boot, dress shoe, heel and bag cleaning service. 
This week’s guest is Tevin Haye. To say that Tevin is a shoe advocate, aficionado or sneaker head would be a gross understatement. He turned his passion for footwear into a full-fledged sneaker, boot, dress shoe, heel and bag cleaning service called 'The Drop.'
As the owner-operator, Tevin turned what started off as an online shoe-cleaning service into a full fledged business with several locations across Ontario and 4 in Ottawa alone. He’s leveraged partnerships with businesses that aim to shift the culture forward  such as Shopify, COMMON, Headquarters, and Stomping Ground. 
We talk about Tevin’s business journey, starting off cleaning shoes out of his bathtub. We dive into personal development and strategies to level-up. We also discuss future plans for The Drop such as a sneaker exchange app in the works, a shoe-customization service offering, and how he prioritizes giving back to the community!

Episode 32 - Jonathan Rose

This week’s guest is Jonathan Rose, a Grey-Cup Champion professional football player who’s been signed to the Ottawa Redblacks as a cornerback since 2016. 
As someone who played football myself, watching how Jonathan approaches the cornerback position with the aggression and the ferocious mentality of a linebacker is really fun to watch. I encourage you to hop on YouTube and check out his highlight tapes, the dude is a beast.
Growing up in Leeds, Alabama, we talk about his journey playing football at the University of Auburn and Nebraska as well as the differences between football down south and up here in Canada. We dive in on topics such as life after football, social media, giving back to your community, and so much more.


Episode 31 - Jacob Kelly

This week I chat with my friend Jacob Kelly, a digital content creator/social media manager for OSEG. Jacob handles all the social media for the Ottawa Redblacks and Ottawa 67’s.
What sets Jacob apart, however is his experience and talent for podcasting. He’s the host of the 'My Social Life’ podcast, where he interviews influencers and people with huge social media followings to learn more about their journey. If that wasn’t enough, Jacob is also the host and producer of Ottawa Redblacks UNFILTERED podcast!
Jacob played an instrumental role in helping me when I was just starting out 'It’s Not That Deep' by giving me advice that helps me to this day. In this episode, he drops knowledge bombs on content creation, podcast strategy, and much more!
Please go Check out his podcast!

Episode 30 - Anna Tran

This week I chat with my friend Anna Tran, a real estate broker with REMAX Realty who has a genuine passion for all things property.

Some of her accomplishments include being named one of REMAX Ontario’s Top Realtors under 35 at the age of 22,  being the youngest person on the Ottawa Board of Trade, buying and flipping a house at the age of 22 and doing all this without a formal university education.
Drive around Ottawa and you’ll see Anna Tran lawn signs everywhere so you know she’s absolutely killing it in real estate. In our episode, we chat millennials and real estate, investing and flipping properties, the benefits of solo travel, and so much more.
Enjoy and remember, it’s not that deep!

Episode 29 - Rahul Sondhi

This week's guest is my close friend Rahul Sondhi, an experienced personal trainer who turned his passion for fitness into a full-time business. Performance Fitness Canada, a mobile personal training company, empowers clients to train from the comfort of their own homes or condos. 

Rahul provides personalized workouts, nutrition recommendations and has motivated tons of clients to transform their bodies and reach their goals. 

In this episode we chat about our friendship, the struggles of powering through school while having an entrepreneurial mindset, learning what type of learner you are, and so much more!

Enjoy the episode and just remember, it’s not that deep! 



Episode 28 - Paqs

This week, I chat with Phil Paquette or Paqs, whom many may know as half of the brother duo who completed and won the Canadian reality TV show, Big Brother. But Phil is SO much more than that as he has had a roller-coaster of a life journey with some defining moments that have shaped who he is today. Some of these moments include no longer being able to play a sport he was passionate about, hockey, due to brain injuries; ending a relationship that meant a lot to him; as well as the unfortunate passing of his best-friend and having to cope with the weight that has had on his mental well-being.
What struck me about Paqs’ journey is his self-awareness and ability to pull himself out of a horrible headspace. As he likes to put it, he chose to “commit to life,” even in the darkest moments when contemplating otherwise. Today, Phil is a Media Manager and Content Creator at TEAM LTD, a life coach, and an inspiration for thousands.
In our episode we explore mental health and practical strategies to pull yourself out of a dark place, envisioning your 'perfect day,' the power of exercise, meditation, mindfulness and your mindset in general and MUCH MUCH MORE.


 Episode 27 - Natalina Tuy

This week, I chat with my good friend Natalina Tuy, a 25-year-old Customer Success Manager working full-time at a tech company in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to this full-time gig, Nat is also a Cake-Baking badass. That’s right! Nat is a self-taught baker who started ‘NatCakesMyDay' out of her kitchen in 2019. 
If you’re reading to this right now, head over to her instagram page @NatCakesMyDay to witness the INCREDIBLE, DETAILED & CUSTOMIZED cakes and other desserts she’s hired to bake on a weekly basis. In addition to this talent, Nat’s also passionate about sharing the process and journey of how to bake cakes with fellow bakers. 
Nat shares her story about scratching the itch she had to bake and how that transformed into a full-fledged business. We talk about our mutual experiences in university clubs and projects that we carry with us in our post-university lives. We talk about the process of building a business, balancing life with all our ventures, and the powers both good and bad of social media. 
Nat and I vibe very well and she’s genuinely one of the nicest most kind-hearted people I know. That being said, I would really appreciate if you guys go give her page a follow @NatCakesMyDay and if you’re in the Ottawa area and looking to make orders, please follow her sister’s baking page @RoxyCakesMyDay !


Episode 26 - Reggie Cash 

This weeks guest is Reggie Cash, a 25-year-old Haitian-Canadian events host/MC, entertainer, YouTuber and aspiring comedian. Known as "the most popular mans in Ottawa," Reggie creates tons of hilarious local content and videos. He is quite well-known in the community for hosting events around the city.

We had an interesting conversation about the role Ottawa has played in his ventures. We discussed his goals and ambitions, his love for anything related to entertainment. We also talked the importance of health and fitness for keeping your mind sharp and so much more!

IG: Cashboyreg

Episode 25 - Lance Lorenzo

This weeks guest is Lance Lorenzo, a musical artist/rapper from Ottawa, Ontario. Lance is a multifaceted and intelligent guy with a memory like I’ve never seen. This was probably one of my most authentic and relaxed podcasts as we covered all kinds of topics from music to social-media, pop-culture, conspiracies,  memes and everything in-between.
I really had fun discussing topics such as the difference between getting educated versus simply attending school, the process of creating music as well as some of our favourite artists and the contribution they’ve made. Overall it was a dope  convo! Lance has an album releasing next month so make sure you check him out. 
Episode 24 - Don't Ignore Your Pelvic Floor

This week I sit down with Lisa Flanders and Andrea Plitz, two brilliant orthopaedic physiotherapists and founders of Bloom Integrative Health & Movement, a physiotherapy driven wellness centre. But Lisa and Andrea aren’t your every day sports injury physios. They focus on abdominal-pelvic health and are specialists in disfunction related to the pelvic floor region for all genders.

In this podcast, we discuss many somewhat sensitive, yet important topics to discuss related to pelvic health such as pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse, as well as exercise-induced incontinence, painful intercourse, hernias and much more. We cover a broad range of topics including pre and post-natal care, the impacts of breathing and nutrition on your well-being as well as practical tips to be proactive about such issues. We also dive into the business side of things, social-media and marketing and much much more!

Bloom offers small-group personalized yoga movement classes, health seminars open to the public, and many more services open to all, but what really sets their practice apart is that that they take an entire systems-approach to bringing people back to health.

Episode 23 - The Only Risk is Regret

This week I sit down with Imran Jaffer, a 4th degree black belt who owns & operates Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy, a dojo with over 250 members where he teaches, inspires and leads. Imran is a 2 time WKA world champion that has been involved in martial arts since he was 6 years old and has been teaching since he was 13. He’s trained students to get their  Black Belt and compete at high level tournaments. Imran is also a serial side-hustler, a motivator, and very recently became a father as well!

However, it wasn’t a clear path for Imran to become the successful leader, teacher, businessman, and motivator he is today. We talk about his life and martial arts journey as well as the ups and downs he’s faced. We talk about the importance of losing and failing & he shares personal stories about stepping out of his comfort zone and the role risk-taking has had on his life. We talk about his self-awareness in realizing school wasn’t for him and taking a risk by leaving school behind to chase his passions and take over a martial arts school.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we dive in on his financial strategies to set yourself up for success through side hustles such as social media marketing and personal training, as well as the impact having a child has had on his visions and goals.

Episode 22 - Women Who Weed


This week, I chat with Reagan Bradley, a Personal Brand Strategist and Founder of ‘Women Who Weed’, a community that connects, educates and empowers pro-cannabis women. Women Who Weed has over 250 members that meet up monthly for various events, field trips and book reads!

As a former host of LocalTalks Ottawa, a monthly speaker series for entrepreneurs, Reagan opens up about how that experience paved the way for her to quit her full-time job to instead focus on her side-hustles and take the full plunge into entrepreneurship.

Reagan has a passion for community building, marketing, and storytelling and we get into how she established her own personal brand and the power of personal branding as a business tool. We talk about her finding cannabis as a niche as well as her vision for Women Who Weed. We also speak about the power of social media, Reagans decision to quit the 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship as well as her process for personal development.

Episode 21 - Shaped By Struggle

This week, I chat with my friend Sherrod Baltimore (@Sbodymore), a professional defensive back in the Canadian Football League for the OTTAWA REDBLACKS. He just completed his 3rd season in the CFL and has a bright future in the league, but things weren’t always looking so bright for Sherrod…

Coming from a single-parent household in the rough and crime-ridden neighbourhoods just outside of Washington DC, Sherrod was evicted over 6 times and bounced around over a dozen different homes. Despite this, he surrounded himself with good people and found a safe haven through playing football and basketball and through his perseverance, talent and and his relentless ability to overcome adversity, earned a scholarship to play football at  the University of Maine for 4 years where he shined as a defensive back.

In spite of playing well, Sherrod received no pro offers and began coaching at the university, where he then once again created his own luck by sliding his highlight tape to an Ottawa Redblacks scout who eventually gave him a shot to try out with the team in 2017. That same year, Sherrod earned a spot on the practice squad and eventually on to the team where he was named the Redblacks Rookie of the year.

There’s a great CTV documentary that goes more in-depth into Sherrod’s story, I strongly recommend you take 10 minutes to watch it!

We had an amazing conversation about overcoming adversity, football, nutrition and taking care of your body. This episode is full of advice for young people wanting to make it, we discuss various business and life goals and so so much more. You don’t have to be the biggest or fastest to have a big heart and this guy exemplifies that.

Episode 20 - Functional Foundations

This week, I chat with Dr. Jon Steen, founder of FORTIS Spine & Sport where he utilizes cutting-edge and innovative techniques with a focus on sports performance optimization and functional movement rehabilitation that he applies to professional athletes in the NFL, CFL, NHL, Team Canada and much more!

With over 18 years of experience in the health industry, Dr. Steen currently focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of his patients’ neuro-muscular dysfunction. His process involves the use of orthopaedic and functional testing including a mix of neuro-functional acupuncture, Active Release Techniques (ART), instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, and corrective exercises.

We had a really interesting conversation about sports and overcoming/rehabilitating injury, taking a whole-body/mind systems approach to rehab, as well as why your breathing, sleep, nutrition, and exercise regiment play a MASSIVE role in recovery. We talk about why his practice is different than traditional chiropractors as well as some practical tips for biohacking the body to live your best life.

Episode 19 - Growing with Growcer

This week, I sat down with my good friend Corey Ellis, CEO and co-founder of GROWCER, a social enterprise that empowers remote regions to grow fresh produce locally by outfitting shipping containers into full-fledged hydroponic farms. This aims to tackle the global issue of food insecurity head-on. Corey and his co-founder have even showcased GROWCER on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, an experience which we discuss later in the episode.

Corey was also the former president of Enactus uOttawa and has been an entrepreneur as long as I’ve known him. We had a ton of fun chatting about our university experience, getting involved in clubs, as well as making a meaningful impact on the world through social enterprise.

Instagram: GROWCER

Twitter: Corey_W_Ellis



Episode 18 - Building without Burnout

This week, I chat with Mallory Rowan, a powerlifter, influencer, entrepreneur, marketing & branding consultant and an all-around amazing human with a powerful story.

One of the co-founders of LVD Fitness, a lifestyle apparel brand for athletes, Mal talks about her journey in fitness and business and how she helped build a 6-figure business, that nearly killed her.

We talk about how she was able to truly OWN her story of overcoming burnout and extreme stress as well as other health issues to now empower a community of people through her second business - MalMadeMeDoit. This consists of an online fitness and accountability program to make workouts accessible for anybody for only $20/month. There’s also a business-building component of helping entrepreneurs create a clear marketing strategy to implement without burning out.

In addition to this, Mallory does 1-1 coaching, has been a keynote speaker on numerous platforms, is a lulelemon ambassador, and much more. 

IG: MalloryRowan

Twitter: MalloryRowan


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Episode 17 - Gaming is just the beginning

This week, I chat with Justin Fijalkowski or simply Ions, a Polish-Canadian content creator who’s one of the faces of TapX, a gaming-focused YouTube channel with 10M+ views, 85k+ subscribers. Ions is very well-known for setting records in Call of Duty. He emerged into the e-sports world as a graphic designer, signing a deal and eventually becoming part-owner of an organization owning a prominent H1Z1 roster.

We chat about this as well as Ions’ passion for photography and creating content. With a very unique Instagram and UNSPLASH pages, Ions’ was able to build a loyal following with a high level of engagement. Ions and his friends have made a name for themselves by taking photos in abandoned warehouses, construction sites, rooftops, and much more. His shots are really cool and I enjoy them, check him out on his Instagram @ionsthegoat. Photo credits: @discover.ottawa Please subscribe, share, leave a rating, and contribute to my Patreon Page!

Episode 16 - More Than Fitness

This week, I chat with Tony Greco, founder of Greco Fitness Studios, a boutique gym consisting of circuit-style fitness classes with over 16 locations and counting in the Ottawa and GTA area. Tony is a celebrity personal trainer who trains notable professional athletes like Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers and Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators as well as notable celebrities such as Carrie Underwood. 

Tony is also an IAKSA World Kickboxing Gold Medalist, Motivational Speaker, Radio-host, Life-Coach, Author of ‘Strong Mind, Lean Body,’ an entrepreneur and so much more!

We chat about his passion for fitness and the process of founding, managing, franchising, and eventually selling a successful chain of gyms. We dive into the power of the mind and overcoming adversity. We discuss the role of failure in success, sharing your progress, motivation, nutrition, mindfulness and much more!

You can check out all his content and order his new book at

IG @TonyGregoTG

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Episode 15 - Happie with Hoppier

This week, I sit down with Markus Sinnhuber, the Head of Sales at an Ottawa-based startup ‘Hoppier’ (Formerly Desk Nibbles), a company that facilitates the ordering of healthy snacks, drinks, and supplies to offices.

Markus has an interesting story: Throughout his university career, he learned the ins and outs of running and operating a business through his experience heading up his own COLLEGE PRO franchise.

He leveraged this experience to join Hoppier as the first dedicated full-time sales person. He then developed a strategy and team that’s generating 7 figures in annual recurring revenue. Today, Hopper is one of the fastest growing companies in Ottawa with over 20x growth since 2018!

Hoppier is always looking for bright talent! Check out their website @

Episode 14 - Passion for Design

This week, I sit down with Sumit Sekhri, a User Experience/User Interface Designer based out of Vancouver Canada.

After studying accounting and finance at the University of Ottawa, Sumit worked at various technology companies such as Apple and Shopify and has been immersed in the tech space ever since.

In this episode we talk about getting out of your comfort zone and moving to where the best opportunities exist, pursuing his passion for design, attending intensive boot camps for learning code and design, UX/UI basics, maintaining a work-life balance, overcoming imposter syndrome, the positive and negative impacts of social-media, owning a Tesla and so much more.

IG @SumitSekhri

Design IG @MadeBySumit 

Episode 13 - Cross-Cultural Connections

It's Not That Deep Podcast Episode #013 | Travel Series #002 Cross-Cultural Connections 

Join me and my two good friends Mike Manzinger and Yevgen San-Fost in the beautiful Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. Mike, Yevgen and I met back in 2017 while studying abroad in Bergen, Norway.

We took this opportunity to reminisce about our experiences abroad in terms of meeting new people, stepping out of our comfort zones, and traveling to places we would never have thought we’d visit. We also chat about observing and respecting cross-cultural differences, going for crazy hikes, and maintaining relationships with those we care about.

We also dive a little bit into our experiences at business school, career options and management, as well as our love for visiting new cities like we did here in Chicago and Ann Arbor Michigan to watch a college football game. Remember, it’s not that Deep! 

Episode 12 - Passion for Travel

Join me in the beautiful city of Seattle as I sit down with my friend Bontu, a management consultant at Accenture USA. We chat about our shared experience of studying abroad on international exchange in Bergen, Norway and how that shaped who we are today. We discuss stepping out of our comfort-zone, cross-cultural differences, going on insane hikes, navigating through business school as well as our passion for travel. We also dive deeper into topics such as balancing a life within corporate America with trying to live a more free-spirited lifestyle as well.

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Episode 11 - How to Drive Your Career Forward

Want to learn how to grow professionally? Join me this week as I sit down with Alamin Mollick, an Assistant Controller at the Ottawa-Based startup, Rewind.

We discuss all things professional development, how to network, how to negotiate a promotion and much more. We get into some of his favourite books, important lessons he has learned throughout his career, the importance of a morning routine and so much more.

Here’s a list of his top 10 recommended books:

1. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

2. Shoe Dog

3. Behind the Cloud

4. High Output Management

5. Never Split the Difference

6. The First 90 Days

7. Extreme Ownership

8. Sprint

9. High Growth Handbook

10. Managing Oneself

Episode 10 - How to Win YouTube & Get Fit

It's Not That Deep Podcast Episode #010 | How to Win YouTube & Get Fit

Links to listen on ALL PLATFORMS:  Guest IG: @MarcoTrunzo

Guest Website:

Guest Merchandise:


Want to learn how to get absolutely shredded, how to grow your YouTube channel, how to release an e-book and start your own clothing brand? Join me as I sit down with Marco Trunzo, the notorious 'breakfast skipper' and advocate for intermittent fasting. Marco is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, but he's so much more than that as he is pursuing his passion of making informative and funny YouTube videos. With over 85,000 subscribers on YouTube already, we talk about practical strategies to grow your brand, the power of social media, the impact of physical injuries on your mental health, the benefits of limiting your calorie intake through intermittent fasting and so much more!

Make sure to take some time to check out his apparel and new e-book. If you’re listening to this right now and are looking forward to more content from myself, I would ask you to please consider contributing to my PATREON page - for the cost of less than a coffee a month, you could help me keep the lights on an continue producing more conversations for you to enjoy, but if you can’t NO PROBLEM! You can still help me out for free by subscribing, rating, sharing, commenting, or even messaging me directly to start a dialogue.

Episode 9 - The Real Estate Wizard

Links to listen on ALL PLATFORMS: 

Guest IG: @TheRealEstateWizard


Want to learn about the real-estate game from an insider who has been involved in the industry for over a decade?

Join me as I sit down with The Real Estate Wizard himself, Manzoor Syed, and discuss his bumpy journey as well as his ability to bounce back from adversity, life lessons and experiences, some common myths and misconceptions about real-estate, the power of social media in a business context, the role of a life coach and mentor in his success,  and so much more.

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Episode 8 - Mindful Consumption

Links to listen on ALL PLATFORMS: 

Have you ever been interested in Sustainability, Zero-Waste, Environmentalism, Plant-Based/Vegan Living? Today’s guest Alycia hits on all these topics and taps into her thorough understanding of orthomolecular health science, cellular nutrition, and holistic nutritional advising.

Not only does Alycia aspire to help people  through nutritional and health advising, but she also aims to empower others by running a local community garden, implements zero-waste and plastic-free practices in her life, and is extremely self-aware about the negatives associated with social media.

We get to talking her way of life, practical ways people can start implementing some of these changes into their own lives, the effects of what we put into our body and mind, the power of social media - both good and bad, vegan and plant-based diets, sustainability practices, and so much more!

If you’re listening to this right now and are looking forward to more content from myself, I would ask you to please consider contributing to my PATREON page - for the cost of less than a coffee a month, you could help me keep the lights on an continue producing more conversations for you to enjoy, but if you can’t NO PROBLEM! You can still help me out for free by subscribing, rating, sharing, commenting, or even messaging me directly to start a dialogue.

Recommended Documentaries:

Dominion - Animal Agriculture

Conspiracy - Sustainability and Animal Agriculture


Recommended Books:

The PH miracle : Dr Robert O Young

The human body in health and disease : Barbra Hanson Cohen

The encyclopedia of Healing foods : Michael Murray N.D.

Nutritional solutions for 88 conditions : David Rowland

What’s toxic and what’s not : Dr. Gary Ginsberg

Easy living green : Renée Loux

Episode 7 - When Passion Meets Action

Links to listen on ALL PLATFORMS: 
Guests IG: @IY.LVL @Marco.Finesse
I.Y. Music:
Shoutouts: @therawrhythm @cardeblanche @fvckroh

This week, I sit down with my close friends Riyan, who goes by I.Y. and Omid, who goes by Marco Finesse. I.Y. is an up and coming rapper/musical artist from the Ottawa area and Marco is a music producer. We had a lot of fun in this conversation as we talked about them chasing their creative passions together.

We talk about having the self-awareness to recognize what you have a burning desire to pursue as well as the hustle and hard-work it requires to get there, the impact our parents had on our path as well as the importance of having a powerful supporting cast.

We explore other topics as well such as being comfortable being vulnerable, the impact of social media, the influence of certain artists on music today, as well as some funny stories along the way.

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Episode 6 - Can't Label Me

Join me as I sit down with my good friend Tyrone Pierre. Tyrone is an extremely multifaceted young man who is currently a professional football player in the CFL, a musical artist, a fashion designer, a social media influencer, a model, philosopher and so much more… What makes him special, however, is that he refuses to adopt any of those labels as who he is as a person - you never know what he’ll do next.

We had a fun conversation about our passion for football and the risks associated with the sport, we talk about creativity and expressing yourself, we express our gratitude for our parents’ sacrifices and how we need to be doing so much more. We also get into deeper topics such as the importance of adaptability, fostering positive energy, surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and much more.

Episode 5 - Tapping Into Your Inner Creativity

Join me as I sit down and learn from Nouha Julienne. Like many of us, Nouha works a 9-5 as her day job, but what really makes her special is that she has a drive to do SO MUCH more than just that.

Throughout her career, she's ventured into numerous side hustles such as being a makeup artist, a fashion designer, an event planner, a singer, a certified foodie, an insagram influencer and so much more. We get to talking about all of her side hustles as well as learning how to balance pursuing your passions with having to pay the bills, traveling and exploring your inner creativity, stepping out of your comfort-zone, as well as the impacts of social media.

If you enjoyed this conversation and want to have access to exclusive content and be able to pick questions to ask my next guest in the lightning round, contribute to my Patreon page! For as little as $2/month (let's face it, that's less than what you spend on coffee a day), you could help me keep the lights on and pay fees associated with running this podcast. If you can't contribute right now, NO WORRIES - You can still help out by subscribing, leaving a rating, hitting like, sharing my content, commenting, or even DMing me to start a dialogue :) It's not that deep guys!

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Episode 4 - Turning Adversity into Positivity

Join me as I sit down with Brandon Smith. Brandon and I share a long history of playing football together and continue to do so to this day! We talk about our love and passion for sports, specifically american football, but we also dive deep into the impact injuries can have on the lives of aspiring professional athletes. We chat about overcoming roadblocks and adversity by channeling our love for sports into building something positive that can have an impact on future generations.

This conversation went beyond sports as we discuss taking steps out of one's comfort zone to gain independence, "adulting", traveling abroad and outside of your home town, as well as being able to have civil discussions and understanding the perspective of people you may not necessarily agree with.

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Guest IG: @kingsmith4

Episode 3 - Using Self-Awareness to Overcome Insecurity

It's Not That Deep Podcast Episode #003 | Using self-awareness to overcome insecurity Links to listen ON ALL PLATFORMS

Join me as I sit down with Hayden Cashion, digital marketing consultant/strategist at Cashion Marketing. Hayden is an expert in all things digital marketing, social media, brand strategy, online advertisement optimization and so much more; but what’s even more interesting about our conversation is the fact that we discussed topics much deeper than what I just listed.

We got to talking about the ability to pivot - in other words, being able to change direction in life without judging yourself, recognizing your own insecurities and leveraging a higher-level of self-awareness to combat these feelings, as well as embracing vulnerability and not allowing the opinions of others to cloud your own personal vision.

I gained tremendous value from our conversation and I hope you did too. Please like the video, comment “DEEP”, and smash that SUBSCRIBE button!

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GuestIG: @haydencashion

Episode 2 - How to Hack the 9-5 Mindset

Join me as I sit down with Zach Princi, one of the founders of SMALL WORLD LIVE, an Ottawa-based concert promotion company that aims to transform Canada's capital into a hip-hop hub.

We had a really fun conversation where we discussed: maintaining meaningful relationships with friends, shifting our mindset on how to approach 9-5 jobs in 2019, the power of side-hustles, taking the plunge into starting your own business, how self-awareness can dramatically increase your quality of life, the significance of hip-hop and live concerts, embracing insecurity and vulnerability, and much much more!

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Episode 1 - The Power of Visualization

Join me as I sit down with the marketing guru himself Nawshad Syed to discuss all things social media, marketing and branding.

Nawshad is an experienced digital marketer who specializes in building websites and helping build brands from the ground up. I

had the pleasure of sitting down with him for my first podcast to talk about powerful books, the power of the mind and habits, the useful tool of visualization and much more!

Please support my project via Patreon! ‪

IG: Nawshad.Syed